Leverage your success in interviews to accelerate your job search!

You have invested time and efforts into a recruitment process but unfortunately the job did not fit?
RecruitersClub features your success in interviews to help you find your next opportunity.

A recruitment process that is truly worth your time

Apply to one of our company and get either a great job offer or referred to RecruitersClub to quickly find the right job.

Thomas applies at BlaBlaCar, a renowned company and member of RecruitersClub, for a Product Manager position.
He successfuly gets through the technical tests and reaches the final round. Unfortunately, BlaBlaCar decides to hire internally for the job.
BlaBlaCar knows how much Thomas invested into the process and wants to show they care. They refer him to RecruitersClub.
RecruitersClub meets Thomas to get to know him and shares his profile to companies that best fit his expectations. Thomas and his Talent Partner at RecruitersClub will be in touch each week to support his search.
A talent recruiter at Comet is impressed Thomas has passed 4 interviews at BlaBlaCar. She contacts him right away.
Thomas discovers Comet, a young tech enterprise, and this time it is a perfect match!

Our Club

RecruitersClub certifies companies based on the quality of their recruitment process and how much they care about candidates.
We help talents identify the right company to apply to for a great candidate experience.

  • Mirakl
  • Blablacar
  • Openclassrooms
  • Dataiku
  • Thiga
  • Prestashop
  • Meilleursagents
  • Qonto
  • Contentsquare

A network of top companies actively hiring

We share our talents to more than 150 companies,carefully selecting companies that embody our values.

  • Critizr
  • Skello
  • Moovone
  • Stockly
  • Bankin


Our Success Stories

Testimonial Alix marie

I had the opportunity to be referred to RecruitersClub by Albane Hussenet, from BlaBlaCar. RecruitersClub has become my main source of interviews based on the quality of the companies, the relevance of the job offers and the support from the team. I was quickly contacted by several companies and this is how I found the perfect fit at Doctrine.

Testimonial Alice Rogier

After several interviews with Doctrine, the company offered my to join RecruitersClub. RecruitersClub perfectly understood my professional project and helped me get interviews with companies that fit my expectations. A real support that proved to be very efficient: Timothée and Pierre-Emmanuel offered to join HelloZack.

Testimonial Laurat Vaincot

My profile was shared on RecruitersClub's platform after I was referred by Tanguy from Qonto, and a few days after, Anne-Sophie from Innovorder contacted me to join their team. I really appreciated RecruitersClub's dedication and care all along my job search. Their initiative is truly revolutionizing the job search experience. Many thanks to Recruiters Club!

You have successfuly passed interviews with one of our companies and are now actively looking for a job?